$ACE Tokens, Its Utility Cases and Tokenomics

2 min readMar 2, 2022


Metaspacepad.io will be your lead way to the most contemporary Metaverse projects both on the Cardano Blockchain and other blockchains. We will ensure that you participate in Metaverse projects that will form the building blocks and foundation of the Metaverse and the future of everyday life. $ACE Tokens will guarantee you have exclusive access to all early and pioneer blockchain Metaverse projects. Stake your $ACE Tokens to have access to the different Tiers that will allow you pioneer access to Token Launches, General Staking and Rewards, $ACE Token Swap, and $ACE Token Trading on exchanges. The higher your Tier, the better your Access to Token Launches and Metaverse project and the greater your access to the many benefits of the Metaverse.


Staking: ACE HOLDERs can stake their $ACE to earn rewards in $ACE token or stake their token to FARM ADA or Earn Both.

Trading: When listed on an exchange you can Trade $ACE against USDT and ADA

Store of Value: You can swap your $ACE Tokens for ADA or USDT

Governance: $ACE tokens will be your gateway into the Governance and decision Making process of the Metaspacepad Ecosystem, the higher the number of Tokens you have, the higher and stronger the weight of your decision in the ecosystem governance.

Access to the Metaverse: $ACE token holders will have exclusive access to the best Metaverse projects .

Access to Non Fungible Digital Assets (NFT’s): As an $ACE Token Holder, you will be eligible to access special NFT skins and collectibles in the Metaverse.


Token Type: Cardano Native Token

Token Name: Metaspacepad

Token Ticker: $ACE

Total Supply: 750,000,000 $ACE Tokens

Percentage (%) Distribution

Seed Sale: 20%
Pre-Sale: 15%
ISPO: 10%
Team: 10%
Staking & Yield Farming: 13%
Advisors: 7%
Locked Liquidity: 10%
Marketing: 5%
Locked Ecosystem Reserve: 10%

Token Distribution

Seed Sale — 150,000,000
Private Sale — 112,500,000
ISPO — 75,000,000
Team — 75,000,000
Staking & Yield Farming — 97,500,000
Advisors — 52,500,000
Liquidity — 75,000,000
Marketing — 37,500,000
Locked Ecosystem Reserve — 75,000,000


Seed Sale — 150,000,000
Private Sale — 112,500,000
ISPO — 75,000,000

How to get $ACE?

ACE token will first become available to initial investors through various fundraising phases that will be coming up soon as early investors can choose to buy in as soon as we kick off of sales.

The Next Step For $ACE Token?

The next step after our sale rounds are completed is to get prepared for being listed on Exchanges.

About Metaspacepad

Our community backers are insured against the risk of financial loss associated with DeFi exploits

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