Metaspacepad’s Technical Update #1

We are proud to announce to our community our first technical report of our progress since the project conception. It is of utmost importance that we guide you through our various development stages as we delve into the technicalities of bringing the long anticipated metaverse IMO platform on the Cardano ecosystem to you.
The following are our achievements so far:
Website Development
The website has been developed with utmost precision by our top notch developers with high consideration for the UI/UX design to support easy understanding, navigation and use of the site by investors, crypto enthusiasts and the general public.
Road Map and Tokenomics Development
Just as the whitepaper was being developed, there is a plan / strategy intended to achieve the vision stipulated in the whitepaper in intervals. The Tokenomics was likewise concluded alongside the roadmap.
Social Media Accounts Creation
Our marketing department has officially registered the project on some of the necessary social platforms ranging from twitter to Instagram etc.
Our telegram community and announcements channels have also been released.
Native Token Minting and Deployment
Our utility token ACE has been minted, registered and deployed on the Cardano Blockchain .
Below is our policy ID

Total Supply — 750,000,000
Token Ticker — $ ACE

These are the major feats that have been accomplished by the Metaspacepad core team over the past few weeks and we are happy to bring to your notice that we will continue to keep up with these updates as scheduled in our quarterly milestone chart and enshrined in our roadmap.

ACE stakers will have a chance to vote on project listings and future implementations on the platform.

Website , Twitter , Instagram , Medium



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